Shopify vs Magento

What’s the best ecommerce platform for you?

With an active developer network and an intuitive interface built for growth, Shopify has everything you need to run and scale your business.

Simplified, powerful, and scalable


Designed to work for you

From your daily operations to app integration and maintenance, Shopify streamlines your user experience so you can focus on growing your business.


A powerful network

Take advantage of Shopify’s active network of developers, designers, and other specialists to source custom solutions and make your business stand out.

Browse all Shopify features 

Scale seamlessly

With unlimited bandwidth, and no fees for increased inventory or traffic, Shopify is designed to support your success today and well into the future.

Sell online and in-person

Synchronize your online and in-person sales with Shopify POS, and use the Shopify POS app to manage your sales and inventory from anywhere.

Sincere support

From setup to checkout, Shopify’s award-winning support team is available 24/7 to help with almost any challenge your business encounters.

More features, less hassle

Actionable analytics

Shopify’s built-in analytics delivers timely, actionable insights. Track your sales, learn about your best selling products, and test for success.

Powerful apps

The Shopify App Store has over 6,000 apps that integrate directly with Shopify. From email marketing to product returns and reviews, you can completely customize your online store experience.

Customizable design

Choose from over 70 professionally designed themes, and tailor any theme to your preferences with full access to your store’s HTML and CSS.

Social media selling

Reach new shoppers on Facebook and Instagram. Shopify’s fully integrated marketing tools help you drive the right shoppers to your store and convert them to customers.

Hire Kit

Your first virtual employee, Kit is a free automated assistant that can alert you to marketing opportunities, build and post ads, thank your customers, and more.

Integrated dropshipping

Set up your dropshipping business in a few simple steps with Shopify. Our platform lets you quickly find products and add them to your store.

Transparent pricing plans

For businesses at every stage and size

Basic Shopify

Best for new businesses or online businesses new to in-person selling

$29per month


Best for growing businesses with 1 retail store

$79per month

Advanced Shopify

Best for growing businesses with 2+ retail stores

$299per month

Why choose Shopify?

  • User-friendly
  • Expert ecosystem
  • Sell online and in-person
  • Seamless scaling
  • Sincere support

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